DivX Media Pack v7.0 Pro

DivX Media Pack v7.0 Pro:
DivX Pro – a software package containing everything to play DivX video format, as well as tools for creating and encoding video format DivX. C through DivX Pro, is included in the package, you can encode video in the DivX format video, and using DivX Converter’a you can convert any videos in DivX format video.

Main features of DivX Pro:
* Provides better compression (about 25%) of video content.
* Supports technology GMC (Global Motion Compensation), which improves the video quality and slightly improves the compression level.
* Provides full support for bidirectional coding (B-frames).
* Includes additional tools for encoding video, etc.

The new DivX 7.0 Pro:

H.264 video:
* A new video compression standard that is more technically sophisticated than the standard used by DivX 6. H.264 offers better compression and image quality through high system requirements for content creation and playback.

AAC audio:
* High efficiency audio coding standard natively support multi-channel audio and studio-quality surround sound samples. AAC audio suffers less audible artifacts than MP3 at very low bitrates, but also requires less bitrate to achieve transparency.
*Container formatMKV MKV files will be used to compress H.264 video and AAC audio tracks. *The format is a feature-Extensible by design and supports multiple audio and subtitle streams within a single file.

DivX Media Pack v7.0 Pro


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