Password Protect a Microsoft Word 2011 Document

Password Protect a Microsoft Word 2011 Document

Everyone wishes to secure there documents to have privacy.Mac users checkout the password protection features in Word for Mac 2011.In this article I will show you how to lock your word doc with passwords through step-by-step instructions along with screenshots 😉

3 Most Wanted MS Office Tips

1. Open a word document in MS Word 2011.
2. Goto File –> Click Save As.
3. Type the File name and click Options button.Here I used my new blog name i.e Geekyard

Microsoft Word doc 2011 Save As Options

4. Now you will get  save options dialog box.Click Show All.

Microsoft Word doc 2011 Show All Options

5. In Word Preferences, Click on Security under personal settings.

Microsoft Word doc 2011 Security Options

6. In security dialog box, Set password to open and modify.After setting passwords click ok.
7. A conformation dialog box will appear. Type Password to open and modify again.

Microsoft Word doc 2011 Password Protect

8. That’s it :) Your word document is password protected 😉
9. When you open word document.It will ask two passwords.Enter it correctly to access and edit document.

Geekyard Word Document Protection

I hope it will be very useful to you :)

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4 Responses to “Password Protect a Microsoft Word 2011 Document”


thanks man!! really helped!! i owe you 1!! :)


Thank you!!


Can you not open the document and save it in another name and take all the security features off?

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