TextWrangler – A Powerful Text Editor For Mac

TextWrangler - A Powerful Text Editor For Mac

TextWrangler is a freeware text editor for Mac users. Textwangler comes with great text editing tool for Programmers and normal Mac users. .A programmer’s text editor, featuring syntax coloring and function navigation for HTML/XHTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua, Java, ANSI C, C++, Objective-C, and more, Find Differences to compare two versions of a text file and merge the differences, integration with Mac OS X developer help, and the ability to function as an integrated external editor with Xcode.

I mainly use TextWrangler to edit PHP codes to customize the WordPress themes.

Key Features of “TextWrangler”:

  • Powerful single and multi-file search & replace
  • Programmer’s Text Editor
  • Syntax coloring and function navigation for ANSI C, C++, Fortran, Java, Object Pascal, Objective-C, Perl, Python, Rez, Ruby, Tcl, TeX, and Unix shell scripts.
  • Splittable editing windows
  • Unix And Server Administrator’s Tool
  • Powerful Text Transformer And Manipulator
  • Good Mac OS Citizen
  • Product developed in the best traditions of Bare Bones Software, with high performance, ease of use, a rich feature set, and the ability to read its own release notes.

Download: TextWrangler text editor | TextWrangler User Manual

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5 Responses to “TextWrangler – A Powerful Text Editor For Mac”


Thanks Praveen for posting this. Is this only limited for Mac? I hope there’s text wrangler for Windows too!


TextWrangler supports only Mac Platform. In windows platform for Developers jEdit is very good alternative to Notepad or Notepad ++

Alyssa J. Jones | April 3rd, 2012 at 8:31 pm

Thanks for posting this. I think I will try this.


I should recommend this text wrangler to my cousin. She just bought a new Mac laptop. She wants to engage in online marketing too.


Besides other exccelent features of Mac this Text wrangler will add up on one of text editor.

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