Google’s Nexus 7 Versus iPad Mini By Apple

exus 7 Vs iPad Mini

Nexus 7 and iPad mini are the two great iPads in the market these days. Both with their own ideal characteristics attract the users. By analyzing both of the iPads, I found the following differences and similarities quite interesting among the two. The first thing we look for, in the new gadget we are interested to buy is its price. The same thing I did, and found that Nexus & is not that expensive as iPad mini, there was a big difference in both prices, though other models of both the iPads is yet to arrive in the market.


The subsequent thing is the visual appearance of the iPad, that how it looks. The dimensions of Nexus 7 are 12 cm by 19.9 cm with a thickness of 1.05 cm,whereas Apple’s iPad mini has 13.5 x 20 cm measurements and has a thickness of 0.72 cm. Thus, iPad mini is much slimmer as well as heavier in weight than Google’s nexus 7. The same goes for the screen, Nexus 7 lags behind here as well because it has got 7 inches screen whereas, iPad mini has got 7.9 inches display screen. I like wide screens for easy browsing and viewing pictures, movies and so on. It just helps me to move my hand freely on to the slippery touch screen, so I prefer iPad mini for this reason, though there is not a big difference in their screen sizes.


  • Camera and Resolution:

As far as the camera quality or the picture and video quality is concerned, the Nexus 7 has got 1280 by 800 resolution, whereas iPad mini has got a resolution of 1024 by 768 which is lower than Nexus 7, even the pixels density of iPad mini is lesser than Nexus 7, its just 163ppi. But, both of them have the similar IPS display. If you are just interested in making video conversations then Nexus 7 is here for you because it has just 1.2 mega pixel camera that is front facing, but iPad mini has got 5 mega pixel back camera with 1.2 to 1.3 front facing camera.

  • Memory:

The most important thing is the processor it has, which is the feature I look for. The processor in Nexus 7 is quad core along with 1.2 GHz memory, with a RAM which is 1GB. However, the iPad mini is equipped with a dual core processor of 1 GHz and has a RAM of 512 MB, this processor was also used in Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad2 as well. Though if I had to say about the storage memory of both the iPads, then Nexus 7 has got 16GB as well as 32 GB to offer, this is good for just simple usage when I need to talk to my relatives, and friends abroad it works quite well at that time, though iPad mini by Apple has got 32 Gb and 64 GB to offer the customers. This makes iPad unique here as well.

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5 Responses to “Google’s Nexus 7 Versus iPad Mini By Apple”


I am a Apple user so anything cannot change my mind to purchase apple products not even Google Nexus 7


Of course mini iPad! Once I bought an apple product, I’m immediately fall in love


Though functionality-wise, Nexus 7 is better, still iPad mini is much slimmer which makes a world of difference. Honestly, I just use a tablet when I’m out of town and need to check my email or sometimes, draft my blog’s content or play games to kill some time, so iPad mini will do just fine.


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